About Us

Welcome to In the KIDtchen. If we’re being honest, cooking with kids can get really (and we mean REALLY) messy, but it’s also a ton of fun. Subscribe to watch easy-to-make recipes at home.


While most of these videos are tasty treats, we found that when our daughter is involved in the cooking/baking process she’s willing to try new/healthy foods. Off camera, she assists with the meals and cleanup. Now she’s interested in vegetables, fruits, meats, and healthy grains that she was reluctant to try before becoming a part of the cooking process.


You’ll also notice that our house can get a bit messy. We’re not professionals, just a family who enjoys cooking and baking. On top of that, we’re busy with school, work, sports, clubs, and everything else that comes with the territory of having a child. It’s just a part of our lives, and we hope you’ll ignore the mess and enjoy what we have to offer.